Outdoor Structures & Furniture

Over the years we’ve built a number of outdoor structures for clients, including a tree seat and a charming hen house, constructed specially for the Sunday Telegraph’s Poultry Expert!  Some of our other outdoor structures include a set of rose wheels for Channel 4 and a wicker man that stood 5 metres tall!

We can turn our hands to any number of bespoke outdoor items and are currently developing designs for Garden Offices. For these we provide full plans and ideas to create comfortable and light working spaces which also Look appealing from the outside. Insulation, electrics and glazing are all taken into account. Garden offices can also double as spare rooms and teenage hangouts!


We have constructed a number of benches located along the Whitstable shoreline. One is a private commission in remembrance of a woman who loved the sea which we imbued with a wave pattern and an echo of the surrounding groynes, another was a commission in remembrance of peace campaigner Brian Haw.

Beach Hut

Constructed along West Beach in Whitstable. This incorporated hanging points for a hammock among other unusual features. We burn-on our roof felt for longevity and construct roofs from ¾” Spruce ply on rafters for strength and integrity. A lightweight but strong set of steps were made to be easily removable and stowable inside the hut.

The Burning Man

An artistic attempt at a wickerman, created specially for a fiftieth birthday party. You can see photos of the burning man on our Facebook page.