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Moosejaw Woodworks - Group Photo

Tom | Mark
Tracey | John | Rob | Dom | Sarah | Jacques


 Mark Wright – Director          John Burgess – Director
Jacques Raymond – Project Manager    Tom Dunne – Carpenter
Rob Murphy – Painter   Dominic Clark – Carpenter
Tracey Holloway – Upholsterer   Sarah Man – Designer


We have an experienced, genial team of makers, all of whom are happy to answer the phones, field requests and discuss your requirements and design ideas. When you contact us with an enquiry or potential commission one of the Moosejaw team will take the lead in responding to and answering your questions. Thereafter, as our testimonials demonstrate, you will receive a friendly and conscientious service from the whole crew.


Our joinery skills include traditional cabinet-making, dovetailed and mortice and tenon jointing, framing and roof geometry, turning and wood carving.


Our in-house painter is an accomplished decorator who is well versed in wood staining and lacquering processes. We also have a good working relationship with a local paint and lacquer spraying company, as well as recourse to scenic painting skills.

Approved & Certificated Electrical Services

Where required, Moosejaw associates can provide electrics and electrical services, for example in the installation of LED lighting built into display cabinets and other Moosejaw woodwork furniture items.


Small scale metalwork is offered either as structural reinforcements or where metal detail compliments our joinery.


Tracey Holloway has a studio with us where she undertakes upholstery and works on soft props.


Once a final design is agreed, we can provide AutoCAD drawings or hand drawn sketches to confirm details and proportions.

Health and Safety

We are committed to safe practice and also to the sourcing and use of sustainable timbers.